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Welcome to Baliparcel.com - Wholesale Handicrafts from Bali
Please Browsing new our website if Orders over USD$ 2,000.00, with more products and lowest prices. wholesale handicrafts company

Bali Parcel is online wholesaler and distributor of Accessories & fashions, wooden animal wood carving painted & unpainted, natural wood carving, home ware, home decoration, Balinese statues, Bali wooden statues, and any kind of Bali handicrafts.
We manufacture, doing quality control, and export our handicrafts product to worldwide. Basicly we are manufacturer, wholesaler, and Buying Agent for Bali and Indonesian Products. We offer best quality and best factory prices for Wholesale Distributor, Retailer or Individual buyer.
Bali has thousand of handicraft product, here we offer quality Bali handicrafts with creative design and style. We always produce new style and up to date Bali handicrafts and also best seller.

Enjoy browsing through our colorful catalogue to see the immense variety of beautiful individually hand crafted items we are gladly making available to you.
Here are some samples of Accessories and Fashions
beaded bracelets bali accessories jewellery
Shell bracelet
wooden bracelets bali accessories jewellery handcarved
Wooden bracelet
sea shell earring bali accessories jewellery
Shell earring
mother of pear sea shell earring bali accessories jewellery
Shell earring
wooden earrings bali accessories jewellery
Wooden earring
mother of pear sea shell necklace
Shell necklace
sea shell necklaces
Shell necklace
wooden necklace handcarved sono wood
Wooden necklace
Here are some samples of the wooden animal unpainted
wooden frog animal wood carving
Wooden Frog
wooden birds wood carving
Wooden bird
sea life wooden dolphin wood carving natural
Wooden dolphin
chines dragon carving from Bali
Wooden dragon
wild animal wooden elephants wood sculptures handcrafted
Wooden elephant
wooden horse wood carving statue
Wooden horse
small crafted cat rabit pinguin sculptures bali handmade
Wooden Cat
wooden turtle sea life statue sculpture bali wood carving
wooden turtle
Here are some samples of the mixed Bali handicrafts
handcarved bamboo windchimes
hand painted aboriginal boomerangs
wooden jewellery boxes handicrafts
Box jewelry
candle holders
Candle holder
wooden cats
Wooden cat
bamboo and teak wood didgeridoos
wooden displays accessories jewelry
wooden aboriginal mask painted
Aboriginal mask
handcarved mirros mosaic and painted
bowl mosaic
percusion maracas musical instruments
Music instrument
wooden pencil holders
Pencil holder
wooden tribal primitive art statues
wooden teak wood and bamboo rainstick
Rain stick
pottery teracotta
tree truck mask tiki tiki native american
Tiki design
handcarved wooden vases
Wooden Vase
hand painted aboriginal wall plagues
Wall gecko
windchimes handicrafts
wooden fruit basket
Fruit basket
wooden puzzle handicrafts
Here are some samples of the wood carving unpainted
wooden abstract figures wood carving
wooden abstract
wooden angels
Wooden angel
balinese wooden legong dance carving
Balinese statue
wooden wine bottle holder dolphin scupture
Bottle holder
wooden boxes jewelry
Wooden boxes
wooden dolphin wood carving statue
Buddha statue
wooden chinese happy buddha
Happy buddha
wooden ganesha statue sculpture bali wood caarving
wooden chess set wood carving
Chess set
wooden frames wood carving
balinese masks wood carving
Balinese mask
wooden hand chair
Hand chair
wooden parasite wood
Parasite wood
wooden srceen partitions
Wooden screen
wooden walking stick
Walking stick
wooden wall plagues
Wall plagues
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